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For our locally owned power boats we offer storage on racks and on trailers, and haul and launch services every day of the year except on Christmas Day.  We have two outhaul systems, one utilizes a forklift which lifts the boat out of the sea and stores it on a rack up to four levels high and the other system utilizes a tractor that pulls the boat out of the sea on its personal trailer and places it in our yard or in a boat shed.  Local power boat owners normally remain with us for several years and are required to pay an Entrance Fee to join our company and for this reason they are loosely referred to as “members”.  Power boat members pay a monthly fee and all haul, launch and storage services are included in that single monthly fee.

It is easy for power boat owners, mechanics, cleaners and so forth to attend to boats which are kept on trailers but to attend to a boat that is kept on a rack requires the forklift to bring the boat down from the rack and place it on a wash-bay stand.  This is done by request and there is no cost for this service.  We have many wash bay stands.  Electricity and water are supplied free of charge to all boats in the local powerboat section.

Local powerboats have exclusive rights to use the main jetty (which can accommodate four boats at one time) for loading and unloading and for picking up family and guests.  On busy weekends and on holidays we occasionally experience some congestion at the main jetty but it is normally clear for boats to come in.

The operators of our tractors and forklifts are highly experienced and both haul out systems are efficient and smooth.

Please see Rates for details of our charges.

It is amazing how many boatyards advertise that they are “full service boatyards” then you go to them and you are dismayed at what few services they offer.  Power Boats is a true “full service boatyard”.  For visiting yachts we offer a really wide range of services for almost every possible repair job and if we don’t have the particular service available in our boatyard we’ll make very sure to get it for you very quickly.  We also have a huge range of amenities on our property like restaurant, grocery, marine hardware shop, fuel jetty and so forth.  These are described in our next page ON-SITE FACILITIES.

The keys to providing excellent repair services are to have good personnel and good equipment, and to have both immediately available in the boatyard.  As regards equipment, Power Boats has two marine lifts, one with a capacity of 60 tons and the other with a capacity of 50 tons and both with an inside clear width of 20 feet.  Having two lifts is very convenient and facilitates boats that need to hang in the slings for extended periods of time.  We’ve also developed a really interesting hydraulically operated catamaran trailer that can easily and efficiently lift cats up to a length of 55 feet, a width of 28 feet and a weight of about 18 tons.  We have a yard trailer for moving boats around the yard. To assist with work up the mast we bought a Genie platform lift (with a reach of 60 feet) and to assist with general lifting of relatively heavy items like air conditioners and batteries we have two small, very maneuverable forklifts.  We also have a backhoe for purposes of digging holes for very deep keels or to remove rudders and if we need to remove a mast, an engine or a generator we have our own 15 ton crane with our full time in-house operator.  We have a multitude of company pickup trucks and electrical vehicles and we are more than willing to assist our customers with transporting heavy items to the repair shops.  There is almost no service that we cannot provide and usually we can provide the service immediately because all these pieces of equipment belong to us and are in our boatyard, ready to go.

Power Boats has a large team of very experienced repair personnel, capable of handling almost any boat repair or renovation job.  These services range from basic cleaning, sanding and application of antifouling to gel peeling, osmosis treatment, fiberglass replacement, gel coat application, non-skid replacement, rigging repairs, sail and upholstery repairs, electrical and electronic repairs and installations, woodwork, mechanical repairs, machine work, stainless steel and aluminum welding and fabrication, and many other services.

We have a large waste oil disposal tank that is free of charge to our customers and our yard is furnished with a multitude of large plastic rubbish bins that are collected daily by our garbage compactor truck.  We supply good quality high pressure water to every boat in our yard (water is supplied absolutely free of charge) and we have 110 and 220 volt electrical outlets throughout our yard and on our docks.

For details on our boat related services you are invited to have a look at the sections below.  Should you have an unusual repair job, please do not hesitate to ask us how we can help.  We love unusual jobs because they make us think outside the box!  We are very…. Serious about Service!

At the heart of our haul out operation are our two Acme marine lifts that can accommodate boats weighing up to 60 tons and have a maximum beam of 19 feet, a draft of 11 feet and a length of about 70 feet.  Having two lifts enables us to leave a boat on one of them if say keel work of antifouling are being completed while we use the second lift to proceed with our operation.  This is very convenient and allows for increased efficiency.

Perhaps our most innovative creation over the past few years has been our catamaran cradle.  Recognizing that catamarans are becoming more popular and knowing they are wide but relatively light, we moved away from the traditional method of lifting catamarans with large capacity hoists and instead, we designed and constructed a hydraulically operated cradle that is drawn by a four wheel drive tractor and removes catamarans from the sea on a ramp.  The cradle is very adaptable and supports catamarans very well, without the squeezing action of traditional marine hoists.  With our catamaran cradle system, we’ve hauled literally hundreds of catamarans between 35 and 55 feet over the past few years and we now have a large base of catamaran owners who return to us every year.

The reliable supply of electricity and water is essential for the smooth operation of a boatyard and we acknowledge the importance of these utilities by supplying 110 and 220 volt electrical outlets and pressurized water outlets throughout our entire yacht yard.

Almost all boats require pressure washing when they are hauled.  We have three pressure washers for convenience and reliability.  We can also carry out scrapings of heavily fouled hulls.

We have our own 15 ton crane primarily for removing/replacing masts but also very useful for a host of other jobs like removing engines and lifting heavy equipment into and out of boats.

Our Genie manlift, with a reach of 60 feet makes it really easy for checking rigging and carry out other aerial work.  We offer an hour’s free use of this service to our customers.

Shrinkwrapping greatly adds to the protection of boats left in storage for long periods of time and is also great for providing shade on boats that are being worked upon.

During its construction, white plastic sheeting is laid on PVC pipe frames that are built around the boat, extending to the ground if necessary. The plastic sheets are taped together and to the rigging where it passes through the plastic. The entire cover is “shrunk” (tightened) by heating, which makes it firm and resilient to the elements. The plastic cover is warranted for eight months, but it normally lasts for at least a year before it begins to decay.

AVI ‘S MARINE ELECTRICAL – Rajnath Avi Latchman. Starters, Alternators, Solar Panels, Wind Generators, Windlass, Engine wiring and overall AC/DC boat wiring.

Installation of music.Tel: 336-4220 E-mail: [email protected]


SURE POWER LTD – John Bowen: Electrical & Electronics Specialists for the Marine Industry. Tel: 775-5516


T & T MARINE ELECTRICAL – Christain W. Nothnagel.   Tel: 634-1042, 684-7511

*COASTAL ELECTRICAL SERVICES – Jonathan Weston – Rewind motors. Service alternators, starters and water pumps. Tel: 687- 4280

GCL SERVICES – Gerald Mendes: Repairs to radios, TV’s, radars, GPS’s, instruments, etc. Tel: 299-3483

D&D MARINE – Jeff Jonathan: General mechanic, especially with outboards.  (Workshop next to Power Boats).  Tel: 634-1744, 682-2895


GITTENS ENGINE SERVICE – Adian Gittens:  General mechanic, both inboard and outboard engines, gas and diesel.  (Located at Tardieu Marine).  Tel: 634-2304,



JONATHAN’S OUTBOARD SHOPPE – Moonan Jonathan (Rishi):  Complete servicing of outboards & electrical repairs.   Tel:  310 – 3908



MC INTOSH, DESI:  General mechanic, especially with diesel and gasoline inboard engines, outdrives, prop shafts, rudders etc.  (Workshop next to Power Boats).  Tel: 620-2034


*RAYMOND MARINE MECHANICAL: Raymond Kernahan: General mechanic, gas and diesel, engine alignment, cutlass bearings and rudders. Tel: 348-7973, 732-0337


*THE BOAT YARD – Ian Keiser:  General mechanic, especially with outboards.  Tel:  776-1844

Boat owners and their crews are welcome to do as much work on their boats as they wish.  If help is required we have a large range of contractors who undertake boat refurbishment – fiberglass technicians, spray painters, sign painters and graphic artists, varnishers, cleaners, polishers and so forth.  We also undertake specialized osmosis treatment, gelcoat repair, non-skid application, window re-sealing etc.

*BREWSTER, CLINTON: Varnishing & brush painting.  Basic bottom  preparation & painting.  Spray painting, fiberglass repairs, cleaning, polishing of entire hulls .Tel: 740-9406


*CLASSIC YACHT SERVICES – Ozzia Kamba Griffith:  Gel-peeling, osmosis repair, spray painting, fibreglass restoration, bottom preparation and painting, cleaning and polishing of topsides and decks, maintenance of inside and outside boats.  Tel: 798-5190, 383-4714


*DENOON, RICKY: Basic bottom  preparation & painting. Cleaning / polishing of topsides & decks. Boat repairs – any type, fiberglass, spray painting, non skid, anti-fouling, polishing, thru-hull, roll & tip, winch servicing, project managing,  engine painting, bilge cleaning, inside cleaning Tel: 328-3732



*HAZELL YACHT WORKS – Phillip Hazell: Basic bottom preparation & painting. topsides, polishing & cleaning.  Tel: 378 -7973


*LOBSTER’S MARINE SERVICES – Aftab Ali: Gelcoat, painting, buffing, bottomwork, fiberglass. Tel: 496-3048  E-mail: [email protected]


*PENN, ANTHONY:  Varnishing and brush painting.  Tel: 778-7913,  302-7967


*PERFECT FINISHES – Ronelle Hanover (Amos) Tel: 730-9560   / Anthony Castillo Tel: 347-6878 : Painting, gel coating, osmosis repairs, woodworking, hatch repairs, antifouling, galvanizing of anchor / chains, general yacht  maintenance.  E-mail: [email protected]


*RAWLE’S BOAT PAINTING – Rawle Walker:  Fibreglass work, spray painting and bottom preparation. Tel: 681-7437


  STEVE RAMSAHAI: Fibreglass repairs, Spray painting, osmosis work, compounding and polishing. Tel: 737-0649


*YACHT MAINTENANCE SERVICES – Allen Dowden:  Fiberglass repairs, spray painting & osmosis work.  Compounding & polishing.  Tel: 634-1165, 680-5520

Superb Sails and Canvas Works: Shawn Scipio and his wife Lenora operate this facility which is located on level two of our Contractors Building.  They undertake a wide range of work related to awnings, sail and dinghy covers, sail repairs, washing sails, making bimini tops and so forth.
Tel: 868 754 7531
Email: [email protected])

The Upholstery Shop: David Mahabir, the proprietor of this shop is a very experienced upholsterer.  The shop is located on level two of our Contractors Building.  David specializes in made-to-measure cushions, padded seats, mattresses, covers for dinghies, sail covers and bimini tops.
Tel: 868 380 2580 or 868 634 4143
Email: [email protected]

Trinidad is fortunate to have large stocks of locally grown teak, the original stock having been imported from Burma way back in the days of Captain Bligh… Trinidad also produces other beautiful locally grown timbers, three good boat building examples being cedar, mahogany and a lovely golden wood named appamat.

These woodworking facilities are available at Power Boats:

*CRAFTLINE WOODWORKING – Narace Mahadeo:  For all your woodworking needs – Specialized in teak decks and calk decks, caprail, grating, cabin sole, complete refits and varnishing, marine plywood and hardwood.  Tel: Narace – 349-6680

E-mail – [email protected]


*ALLAN & GERARD YACHT WORKS – Allan Paul Tel: 352-8583, Gerard Yip Ying Tel: 749-2954   All manner of woodwork.  (Workshop in Power Boats)

Boats that are being repaired generate a huge amount of garbage and to dispose of it we operate our private compactor truck.  This vehicle collects the garbage directly from bins that are placed near to the boats being worked upon and takes the garbage to the government dump in Port of Spain.  We also have a purpose designed waste oil collection tank which is emptied at regular intervals.  Garbage and waste oil disposal services are provided free of charge to our customers.

*MAXWILL INFLATABLE WORKS – Kerry Williams (Max). (Located at Tardieu Marine) Tel: 735-5634

*DAVID THE PLUMBER – Edgar Henry: Gas appliance installation and repairs, repair and conversion of stoves.  Tel: 776-5771

*DAVID THE PLUMBER – Edgar Henry: Plumbing of all kinds of systems – pumps (water), hydraulic pumps, winches, heads, raw water pumps, clean and repair “heat exchangers”, thru hull fittings, replace cutlass bearings, water heater, sevice and installation. Tel: 776-5771

CARIBBEAN PROPELLERS LTD. – P.J. Williams: Prop scan, computerized propellor service.   Tel: 357- 8666


PROPELLER AND MARINE SERVICE – Franz Maingot:  Propeller reconditioning, overload and underload modification, cupping,  precision shaft straightening.  (Workshop in Peakes)  Tel: 634-4429, 620-8909

REAL KOLD REFRIGERATION SERVICES – Sherwin Durham: Parts, repairs and service of marine refrigeration and air conditioners. Tel: 706-6000, 316-8359


COLD KEATE – Keate Marchand: Marine Refrigeration & Air condition installation and repairs. Tel: 627- 4033, 766-6541

GARY PIERRE : Remove and replace rigging,  rigg inspections, rig tuning (tension rig), removal and re-fitting of  mast, removal and refitting of sails, fitting of lazy jacks. Tel: 755-6601


CHRIS MONDEROY- Tel: 683-1388 / 757-8514  E-mail: [email protected]


TRINIDAD RIGGING – Jonas Romel:  Rigging, mast work, etc.  (Located  in Peakes)  Tel: 634-2227, 774-8326

D ROPE SPLICER: Damian Fraser: Reasonable quality splicing. Tel: 764-9150, 303-0111

ULLMAN SAILS TRINIDAD –  Repairs and construction of  new sails and canvas tops, upholstery.  (Located at Crews Inn)

Kenwyn Russell: Tel: 634-4178, 620-1824 E-mail: [email protected]


*SUPERB SAILS AND CANVAS WORKS – Shawn Scipio: Dodgers and bimini frame in stainless steel as well as canvas, awnings, storage covers, sail repairs and wash etc., interior & exterior upholstery : Tel 634-2747, 754-7531 E-mail: [email protected]

SIGNLAB – Jason Joseph: Vinyl graphics, names, stripes, etc., stencils for painting. Tel: 634-2187, 778-1651


CUSTOM SIGN DESIGNS – Troy Ready: boat names, vinyl graphics, stripes, laminating, call cards & crew shirts. Tel: 680-5682

634-3028. E-mail: [email protected]

ASSOCIATED MARINE DESIGN – Bastien Pouthier: Yacht Surveyor & Naval Architecture.  Tel: 762-1911 / 364-3274 E-mail: [email protected]


GORDON FORBES: Marine Surveyor – yacht damage & claims handling. Tel: 678- 8051  E-mail: [email protected]

TRINIDAD TANK FUEL SERVICES LTD – John Collier : Tank cleaning and Bio Diesel Filtration services. (Located at Tropical Marine Ltd).

Tel: 384-TANK (8265) E-mail: [email protected]   Website:

*THE UPHOLSTERY SHOP – David Mahabir: Interior & exterior upholstery work.  (Located  in our Contractors Building, level 2).  Tel: 634-4143, 380-2580

THORN DESALINATION – Anslem Thorn:  Repairs and installation of all water makers.  Tel: 737-2978, 703-6900, 314-5492


BATES WATER MAKER WORKS – Ranjitt Ramroop. Modify, service, repairs and installation. Tel: 640-2880, 720-9038  E-mail: [email protected]


ECHO MARINE – Sarar Joseph: Agents for Echo Tec Watermakers. Tel: 634-2027

CHAG FAB – Clarence ‘Clary’ Hordatt: Stainless steel and aluminium welding fabrication & sales – abrasive cutting & grinding discs, delrin, polishing tools, compunds and wheels. (Located at Tardieu Marine) Tel: 634-2553, 678-4997 E-mail: [email protected]


CHAGUARAMAS METAL WORKS – Lincoln Choy Yuen:  Stainless steel & aluminium fabrication. (Located at Tardieu Marine).  Tel: 634-1164


*JAGGI WELDING SHOP – Richard Jaggernauth : Steel, Brass, Stainless steel fabrication. Tel: 288-9921, 495-8966, 392-3355 E-mail: [email protected]


*M.D.G. WELDING – Mervyn Joseph:  Stainless steel and aluminium fabrication.  Tel: 634-4025, 721 – 2241


WEST COAST FABRICATORS/ WELDERS – Mitchell Roberts: Stainless steel, aluminium and wrought iron fabrication. (Located at Tardieu Marine) Tel: 289- 4304,

743- 6913, 397- 4683

*DAVID THE PLUMBER –Edgar Henry.  Service and repairs to winches.Tel: 776-5771


*DENOON, RICKY – Service and repairs to winches. Tel: 328-3732


CHRIS MONDEROY  –  Service and repairs to winches. Tel: 683-1388, 757-8514  E-mail: [email protected]