Power Boats Ltd. was originally established in 1973 in response to the needs of local boat owners who kept their boats on trailers and required haul, launch and storage facilities. During the 70’s and 80’s we catered solely to the local power boat community and derived our name from that era. By 1991 however, recognizing the need to provide services for visiting yachts, Power Boats established the first yacht boatyard in Trinidad.

Since those early days we have expanded our on-site boat services and the number of on-site facilities to better serve owners, captains and crews while they are here with us. Our yard is basically divided into two sections, one for local power boats and the other for foreign yachts.  In the local boat section we presently house about 400 power boats on racks and in sheds, and in the foreign yacht section we haul over 500 yachts every year with our maximum capacity being about 250 yachts on land in the high (hurricane) season.  In spite of these relatively large numbers, we still take great pride in offering as close to a “family” service as possible. The owners and managers of our company are all experienced boating enthusiasts who understand the needs of both our local power boating community as well as our foreign yachting visitors.  Our intention is always to give to our customers the best possible service at the best possible price and ultimately, to make it as easy, comfortable and cost effective as possible for our customers to store and repair their boats at our secure, customer friendly boatyard in Trinidad.